Dedications and Quotes

"Robin Tampoe occupies an important place in the history of Sri Lankan cinema. He was not only a film director but a producer, a studio owner, an exhibitor and an importer. In a sense he was the complete film man-the embodiemnt of the moie pioneer in an industry woefully lacking in the vital all-round personality… "
Dr. Lester James Peries, Sri Lankan film director

"Robin Tampoe is one of the most outspoken and often misunderstood film personalities in Ceylon"
Elmo Gunaratne, Sunday Observer, August 1967

"Robin Tampoe was a major contributor to the film production industry and a driving force at a time when the whole industry pivoted on such individual drive….That drive he had aplenty. Behind that energy was a man of his ord and principle. Charm was one of his many assets, but it was not a false one. While he made films in the fashion of the time, he did breakaay film to produce Sudo Sudu, a demonstration of what Robin was truly capable of…"
Dr. D.B.Nihalsinghe, Sri Lankan director,, Chairman of the National Film Corporation.

" It was during the Twilight period of hte Sinhala cinema that Robin Tampoe entered the scene…he came from a proud high pedigreed stock, the McGown Tampoes of Colonial Jaffna. He was not yet thirty, but he had arrived…and within the next few years, he became a legend."
Dr. Tissa Abeyesekara, Sri Lankan film director, writer, poet, Chairman of the National Film Corporation